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Consulting Services

Medical practices are unique businesses that require specialized representation. They have all the legal challenges of ordinary businesses, with the additional and formidable challenges of a player in a hyper-regulated industry. 
Dr. Gilbert-Spear provides consultation services to healthcare companies and medical providers.

These services include:  
Dr. Katie provides legal council to offices and individuals

If you are an eyecare professional who takes vision insurance, you’ve been audited and you know how scary that process can be. Even routine audits can lead to major problems if the insurer thinks there are fraudulent claims. Dr. Gilbert-Spear understands this better than most because she has been a provider for most vision insurance plans for over 15 years and has gone through many audits. Dr. Gilbert-Spear and her team want to help you through this process. If you receive a notice requesting records, call Dr. Gilbert-Spear before sending in the records. This initial response is critical to the audit’s outcome so call Dr. Gilbert-Spear today!

Clinical Healthcare Experience

Dr. Gilbert-Spear has over 15 years of clinical health care experience in healthcare. With her clinical background, degree in epidemiology and research, she can be a tremendous asset to any case. Call today for a free consultation.

Medical malpractice cases cannot be won without compelling expert testimony. Dr. Gilbert-Spear’s professional and speaker experience make her an excellent expert witness in a wide variety of cases. Call or email today for a free consultation.

Clinical Healthcare Experience

Reviewing medical records is a critical component of any medical malpractice case. Record reviews ensure the records are complete, accurate, and in compliance with all guidelines and regulations. Dr. Gilbert-Spear and her physician advisors are available to review all medical charts including medical billing and coding records.

Need Consulting Services?

Dr. Katie provides legal council to businesses and individuals

A solid compliance plan, along with self-audits, can not only prevent costly mistakes, but can also act as a mitigating factor if you are audited by an insurer or the federal government. 

Dr. Gilbert Spear can help you develop a compliance plan customized for your office, audit your current compliance plan, and help you set up your own audit plan.

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