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Dr. Gilbert-Spear is a medical provider who understands the challenges with telemedicine. She can be trusted to help both physicians and patients with telehealth claims.

Medical Malpractice: Provider Defense

As a provider herself, Dr. Gilbert-Spear has a unique perspective in medical malpractice cases. She has seen healthcare providers be falsley accused of negligence and the turmoil it creates in their personal and professional life. If you are a provider who has been wrongly accused of malpractice, Dr. Gilbert-Spear wants to help. Contact her today.

Medical Malpractice: Patient Advocacy

Dr. Gilbert-Spear became a health care provider to serve patients, and she has been a fierce patient advocate in her practice and within her community. If you think a healthcare provider acted negligently, causing injury or death. Please contact Dr. Gilbert-Spear today.

Payer Provider Disputes

Dr. Gilbert-Spear has expert knowledge in medical billing and coding and contracts between eye care physicians and insurers. She can help with disputes over reimbursements, audits, and termination from the insurance panel.

About Katie's Law Office

Dr. Gilbert-Spear focuses her law practice on healthcare and compliance. She provides services to medical professionals and healthcare businesses. These services include:
Licensing and Disciplinary Issues
Insurance Credentialing
Provider Agreements
Lease Agreements
Medical Device Law
Co-Management Compliance       
Stark and AKS Compliance
Disputes with insurance companies regarding contracting and payments
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