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Vision Audits with Dr. Katie Gilbert Spear

Vision Audits

In today's world, vision clinics are under increasing pressure to meet regulatory requirements and respond to vision audit requests. This is where Dr. Katie Gilbert Spear comes in - a trusted expert who helps vision clinics navigate the complex world of vision audits.

Dr. Spear is a seasoned professional with years of experience in the field of vision care. She understands the challenges that vision clinics face and knows how to help them meet their regulatory obligations. Her expertise is in helping vision clinics respond to vision audits. 

A vision audit is a comprehensive review of a vision clinic's policies, procedures, and practices. It is designed to identify areas where the clinic is falling short of regulatory requirements and to provide recommendations for improvement. The audit covers a wide range of areas, including patient care, staff training, equipment maintenance, and record-keeping.

Dr. Spear works closely with vision clinics to undergo these audits, helping them respond with all the necessary information when they go through a vision audit.

If your vision clinic has received a notice requesting records, contact Dr. Gilbert Spear today to learn more about how her consultation services can help your clinic succeed.

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